We have a new relationship specialist at Be BOLD Psychology and Consulting offering telehealth therapy services in North Carolina. Shantell Carraway, LMFT, offers couples therapy, premarital counseling, relationship therapy, marriage therapy, and has some availability for individual therapy clients who are seeking therapy for anxiety,  help with life transitions, have problems with communication, and need help with boundary setting.

Shantell has immediate openings for virtual therapy clients in North Carolina! Be Bold Psychology and Consulting has therapy clients in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Apex, Charlotte, Asheville, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and everywhere in between! We offer free 20-minute consults which can be self-scheduled here!

Who is Shantell Carraway? Here are a few fun facts to get to know our newest provider!

  • Born: Durham, NC
  • Favorite color: Purple
  • Things I enjoy: Brunch dates, games (boardgames during game nights and co-op videogames with my husband), and watching documentaries
  • Favorite Food: Italian
  • Clients I tend to work best with: Clients who are open-minded to therapy (even if it’s a new experience), who want to change how they talk to and treat themselves, and for those who want to learn how to express their needs and respond to their partner’s needs in ways that foster connection

In Shantell’s own words:

No one should feel like they are alone in a partnership. I aim to use couples therapy as a means of helping partners feel like a team again, helping them stand together against whatever issues come their way. I see therapy as a collaborative effort between myself and the clients I serve. I assume nothing and remain curious about each client’s unique experiences and needs. It is important for me to work alongside clients as we move towards their desired goals. Ultimately, I want to help clients explore their needs in a safe, supportive environment that honors where they are in their unique journey.

I work with adults 18+, primarily for couples therapy and relationship therapy. As a couples therapist in North Carolina, I especially love working with couples who are open to the journey of therapy, even if they have never experienced it from an individual or relational process. I work well with clients that have changed roles, family structures, and who need support establishing positive boundaries with themselves or others. It is important for all of my clients to feel safe, supported, respected, and validated in their experiences.

My “big three” therapeutic focus areas include:

  • Anxiety
    • Sometimes, life gets so overwhelming that we get stuck in the mental cycles of worrydoubt or frustration. While it may impact different aspects of life, anxiety doesn’t have to define our identities or take up the biggest space in the room. Through person-centered, humanistic, and CBT approaches, I help clients feel more confident and empowered to navigate what’s known and unknown.
  • Relationship communication issues
    • Through this focus, I approach conflict management from psychoeducation and tools backed by scientific research. Partners learn how to align against the issue instead of each other through communication skills, activities, and tangible resources. My hope is to normalize conflict by helping partners hear each other’s wants and needs in a way that helps them draw closer to each other.
  • Life transitions
    • Personally, one philosophy that I choose to embrace is “the only constant in life is change.” As a couples therapist in North Carolina, change is a focus that comes into the therapeutic space constantly, from new relationships, family structure changes, and career adjustments. There is a natural impact on the family system throughout all of the stages of life, so I enjoy meeting clients where they are in that journey, helping them channel the natural strengths they have, and providing additional tools for meeting life where life meets them.

Shantell has completed her Gottman Level I Training and is in the process of completing her Gottman Level II training. She also has experience in Emotion Focused Therapy. As such, Shantell brings the best of both worlds and collaborates with her therapy clients in a client-centered approach to couples therapy, relationship work, and marriage counseling! Learn more about Shantell here!

Accepting New Clients?: Yes, Shantell is currently accepting new clients for couples therapy in North Carolina and relationship therapy in North Carolina. She is also accepting individuals, but with limited availability.

Days/Times Available:

Mondays and Tuesdays from 9am-1pm, then 5pm-8pm;

Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9am-1pm, then 3-6pm.

Telehealth/in-person: Telehealth only for clients who reside in North Carolina and are physically located in North Carolina at the time of services.

Specialty areas: couples/relationshipsfamily/marital, attachment-based, anxiety, life transitions, relationship communication issues, boundary setting.

Email: shantell@beboldpsychnc.com to schedule your free consult or request an appointment here

As a reminder, our therapy practice specializes in providing affirming therapy for transgender, non-binary, and gender-diverse clients as well as therapy for the broader queer+ community! Our queer-identified and LGBTQIA-allied clinicians offer individual therapy, family therapy, couples therapy, relationship therapy, and group therapy services for LGB+ and transgender, non-binary, and gender-diverse clients. To learn more about our LGBT-affirming services, send an email to info@beboldpsychnc.com 

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