Therapy For Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color (BIPOC) in North Carolina

Are You Looking For Help From Someone Who Can Actually Identify With Your Lived Experience?

Are you a BIPOC individual or couple who has been scouring Psychology Today looking for a BIPOC clinician to begin, or resume, your therapy journey? Have you spent hours trying to find culturally aware mental health providers? Could you benefit from the perspective and support of a therapist who can identify with your lived experiences? Are you exhausted from trying to find a therapist who shares your cultural and/or racial background, and has availability? Look no further! Our talented team of BIPOC clinicians have immediate availability and are ready to help.


Culturally Aware Therapy and Relationship Support For BIPOC Clients

Maybe you are looking for a space and support in managing anxiety, depression, relationship distress, grief, loss, trauma, or life-transitions, and wish to sit in that space with someone with shared aspects of your identity. Our team of BIPOC clinicians strive to do just that – to allow you to be open and transparent, sit in a shared space without feelings of fear, shame, or judgment.

Or, perhaps you feel emotionally exhausted after years and years of experiencing microaggressions, enduring systemic bias and oppression, and code-switching. Perhaps you have experienced unfair treatment and violence in the workplace, lower pay, being deemed “aggressive” or “fiery” when asserting your needs, being deemed the “token” person to speak on any issue relating to your racial, ethnic, or cultural background, or being passed over for a promotion? By receiving culturally affirming care from someone who values your identity and has firsthand experience with some of your same challenges, you can feel seen, heard, and understood. We wish to remove the burden that so many BIPOC clients experience to “teach” their therapist about their identity; rather, we invite you to use therapy to truly center your own needs as the expert of your own life and feel fully, wholly supported.

Our BIPOC clinicians can help you to:

  • Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Learn techniques and tools to improve mood, feel better, and create more joy
  • Embrace your authentic self and heal feelings of shame or self-consciousness
  • Learn coping skills and communication skills to improve relationships with those around you
  • Feel more confident
  • Heal from trauma – including but not limited to childhood trauma, sexual trauma, medical trauma, natural disasters, intergenerational trauma, or race-based traumatic stress
  • Improve work-life balance for you, your family, and your employees
  • Improve sleep habits, leading to more restful nights and easier days

It is not selfish to prioritize caring for yourself. Likewise, one thing we recognize in BIPOC communities is that clinician accountability is not always welcomed in spaces where there is a perceived power dynamic at play. Here at Be BOLD, we welcome and encourage our clients to drive the sessions and hold us accountable as clinicians. Although we may share the same identities or similar life experiences, we understand that we do not know it all, we will make mistakes, and we welcome open correction and dialogue.

Seeking support is a strength, and we would be honored to help! Our team of culturally aware clinicians just get it and are here to help you as you process and work towards the healing you deserve.

“My color is my joy and not my burden…” – Bebe Moore Campbell

We Are Here To Help You Feel Seen And Understood In Your Experiences.  Learn More and Schedule an Appointment With One Of Our BIPOC Therapists Below:

Briana Garcia (she/her) LCSW-A is a trauma-informed clinician who enjoys working with clients who are navigating and seeking healing from racial- and identity-based traumatic stress, who are going through life transitions, and who are interested in increasing self-compassion. Briana also enjoys creating safer spaces for queer, transgender, nonbinary, and gender-diverse clients seeking support around depression, anxiety, relationship stress, or life transitions. Briana has immediate morning and daytime availability. Briana offers primarily telehealth therapy, with some walk-and-talk therapy in Raleigh, North Carolina and Cary, North Carolina. You can learn more about Briana here or click here to self-schedule your free 20-minute consult to see if you might be a good match!

Shantell Carraway, LMFT (she/her) has immediate availability for couples, relationship, and marital therapy via telehealth for clients in NCincluding some slots from 4-8pm! Shantell works primarily with couples/partners as well as adults seeking relationship support in individual therapy. Shantell works well with clients that have changed roles, family structures, and who need support establishing positive boundaries with themselves or others. Shantell strives to help all of her clients to feel safe, supported, respected, and validated in their experiences. Shantell has completed her Gottman Level I Training and is in the process of completing Gottman Level II training. She also has experience in Emotion Focused Therapy. Learn more about Shantell here or click here to self-schedule your free 20-minute consult to see if you might be a good match!

Bailey Hanagan (he/him), MSW, LCSWA, is a trans, queer clinician of color who provides LGBTQ+ affirming therapy. He primarily works with trans and gender-diverse clients, LGBTQ+ clients, those experiencing depression or anxiety, and those navigating life transitions or stress. Bailey has immediate availability for individual therapy for adolescents and adults in North Carolina via telehealth. Learn more about Bailey here. He can also be reached at

Most importantly, we want you to find the best fit for you! Below please find a few other directories that are specific to BIPOC clinicians and clients:

Our Commitment to Equity Work

At Be BOLD Psychology and Consulting, our clinicians are committed to engaging in antiracism and equity work. All clinicians engage in anti-racism and anti-oppression training to offer safer spaces for our clients. This is accomplished via investment in readings, trainings, and discussions led by clinicians and trainers of lived experience in the anti-racism and anti-oppression arena. Further, we know and believe that:

  • Racism is real.
  • White Supremacy and White Privilege are real, including in mental health graduate programs, therapeutic interventions, the DSM-5, and the therapy space.
  • Discrimination can happen many different ways, on many roles, and levels.
  • Power and control are at the root of these things.
  • Naming and dismantling these things when they show up in our practice or therapy services is mandatory.
  • That we will mess up. When we mess up, we will apologize and invest in continued and targeted education and training from leaders of lived experience to get it right.

BIPOC communities have important mental health needs that have been ignored and underrepresented in the broader mental health community. BIPOC communities deserve to have a space where they are safer, seen, and understood. We are committed to ensuring you have that space here.