Diversity and Inclusion Training

Are you a teacher, principal, or other school administrator looking for information as to how to best support your gender-diverse students? Maybe you recently had a student come out, and you have questions, but do not know where to start?

Are you an employer, supervisor, small-business owner, or CEO wishing to improve employee satisfaction, morale, productivity, and inclusivity?

Do you work with a gender diverse person and stumble on which pronoun to use, and are wondering what to do?

Are you looking for:

  • Consultations relating to bathroom and changing room signage and access
  • Education and discussion on the importance of names/pronouns
  • Considerations for uniform/dress code requirements
  • How to address questions and concerns of co-workers, customers, or clients

Do you want:

  • More employee engagement? Research shows employees are more engaged in diverse, inclusive workspaces.
  • Improved performance? Research shows gender diverse workplaces outperform their competitors.
  • A workplace that is better at problem-solving? Research also shows diverse workplaces are better at problem-solving.

I can help with that!

I have been incredibly privileged to work with, and learn from, people of all genders and expressions. During that work, it has become all too apparent that workspaces and educational spaces are oftentimes places that cause the most harm to gender-diverse folx. It is unacceptable for any space to cause harm to a person; it is even worse for these to be spaces where we spend the majority of our lives.

And from conversations with many work and academic institutions, I have found many of the errors, in policy, paperwork, uniform requirements, and bathroom accessibility comes from a place of not being aware – from not having the information – not from a place of hate. Still, intention does not matter when the impact is trauma and pain being inflicted upon students and employees.

Let me help you.

I offer a broad range of consultation and educative services to help schools (preK-college) and businesses reconsider their systems and become more gender-affirming and inclusive.

I also offer single-hour to full-day workshops with school personnel,  administrators, supervisors, business-owners, and employees. I can help your organization navigate complexities that may arise when encountering various situations.

Via in-person or virtual workshops, I will help you to learn the basics of gender identity and expression, applicability of these concepts, ethical and legal considerations, and how to apply them to your specific organization. I aim to lead these presentations and discussions in a non-confrontational, engaging, and collaborative manner. Discussion is highly encouraged, and every workshop will include opportunities for both live and confidential Q & A.

I can provide generalized, informative sessions or tailor a workshop to examine factors unique to your organization and situation. Contact me today and schedule your free consultation so we can further discuss the needs of your school or workplace, ask any questions you may have, and let’s get you on your way to helping to foster a more gender-inclusive, environment and improve outcomes for staff, administration, students, and employees.