Stress Management Seminars

Stress Management Seminar: For COVID-19 and Beyond

Times are tough. We are approaching a year of shut-downs, masks, working and schooling from home, and maybe a lot of Netflix. But! There are many ways beyond Tiger King, reading, and paint by numbers to help manage the stress and anxiety of the last year! Join me for an educational webinar on coping with stress and anxiety, for Covid-19 and beyond! Click the link for your tickets! Space is limited, don’t wait! See you there!

Interactive Stress Management Webinar For Coaches, Student-Athletes, & Athletic Departments

As a former D1 student-athlete, who also triple-majored in four years and completed a Master’s degree during my red-shirt fifth year (THANKS LABRUM REPAIR!), I know what it means to be stressed. Well, let me rephrase. I NOW know what stress feels like, and the way it can wreak havoc on your body, sleep, attention/concentration, energy levels, relationships, and YES, athletic performance. But, back in the day, I didn’t know that it was likely stress, anxiety, pressure, perfectionism (and maybe one too many Mountain Dews) that were keeping me awake most nights – leaving me tired, sluggish, and not performing my best in the classroom or on the ball field. If I had known then what I know now, I truly believe college would have been even better of an experience and I would have been SO. MUCH. HEALTHIER (not to mention a far better student-athlete!)

That is why I offer competitively-priced, interactive webinars for student-athletes, coaches, and entire athletic departments on stress management. As a former college pitcher, I KNOW how key having a strong mind was to my success. As a doctoral-level psychologist, I NOW KNOW how important a healthy mind is to overall wellness and performance. Let me help you, your team, and your department get on the path to peak performance. Let my seminar be your game-changer. Call/email today to learn more.