Psychological Evaluation And Assessment

Psychological Evaluation, North Carolina

Curious if there is something more going on regarding your feelings of sadness, nervousness, or worry? Looking for clarification or answers about what may be contributing to the emotional distress you are experiencing?

Interested or wondering if you might qualify for educational or work-related accommodations? Are you wondering if you, or your loved one, might have distress or impairment that rises to the level of a substance use disorder? Or, is your employer or licensing agency requiring a substance use evaluation/assessment?

Is the court, or your probation officer, ordering that you receive a psychological evaluation or mental health assessment relating to a current or pending criminal, civil, or custody matter? Is your attorney suggesting a mental health evaluation may be helpful in the context of ongoing litigation?

Are you required by your medical provider to undergo an assessment or provide a letter from a mental health clinician to access gender-affirming medical treatment, such as hormone-affirming therapy or surgical procedures?**

As a licensed psychologist, I offer comprehensive, research-based psychological evaluation, assessment, and treatment recommendations for all of the above! I have conducted hundreds of assessments for:

  • Psychological Functioning
  • Psychodiagnostic Clarification
  • Substance Use/Abuse
  • Trauma
  • IQ/achievement
  • ADHD
  • Assessment for Surgical Readiness (gender affirming procedures)**

Additionally, throughout my training as a forensic psychologist, I have conducted and authored various criminal and civil forensic evaluations used by and in state and federal courts. These evaluations include:

  • Competency to stand trial/capacity to proceed
  • Criminal responsibility/sanity
  • Violence risk assessment (adults only)
  • Risk for future sexual violence (adults only)
  • Assessments of malingering
  • Sentencing mitigation
  • Court-ordered mental health evaluation
    • Probation ordered/requested mental health and substance use assessments
    • Court-ordered or attorney-referred mental health assessments to be used in the context of a custody dispute
  • Custody evaluations
  • Parental Capacity
  • Fitness for Duty
  • Guardianship
  • I am trained and comfortable in the provision of expert testimony.

Best of all, the majority of the psychological evaluations I conduct can be done virtually/remotely. No long drives to a cold-office, no running into others in the waiting room. Just a device with audio/video capability, a strong internet connection, and privacy.
Contact me today to schedule a free consultation to further discuss your evaluation needs, scheduling, pricing, and package options! I look forward to the opportunity to offer you high-quality, individualized, research-based evaluative services.

**I believe strongly in an informed consent model; however, not every medical provider operates on an informed consent basis and some medical providers and/or insurance
companies require 1-2 letters to access medically-affirming treatments. If it is your wish, I will be happy to further discuss your options in locating a medical provider who operates on an informed consent basis. However, in the event a letter or assessment is required for gender diverse folx pursuing gender affirming medical procedures, I am qualified to do so. I have completed The Gender Affirmative and Supportive Surgery Evaluation Tool (ASSET) training, which I use in the assessment process. The Gender ASSET was developed by trans and genderqueer mental health professionals, for use in support of transgender clients preparing to undergo surgery as part of their transition. Contact me for more information.