One of my favorite parts of being both a therapist and owner of a teletherapy practice in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, is getting out to the community and connecting with other business owners in North Carolina. I love catching up with wellness professionals in Asheville, psychiatrists in Raleigh, therapists in Charlotte, massage therapists in Durham, trans-affirming vocal coaches in North Carolina and beyond, HRT-providers in Durham, counselors in Chapel Hill, psychologists in Cary, and EMDR-providers in Greenville! How amazing is it that we have so many talented, multi-dimensional wellness professionals in NC? As a practice that primarily provides mental health services to transgender, nonbinary, gender-diverse, and queer+ clients, it feels especially important to us that we maintain a robust, holistic, multi-dimensional referral spreadsheet to ensure our clients are taken care of by trusted, quality community partners who we have ourselves met! We know that the LGBTQIA+ community has endured great harm by medical, mental health, and other “healing” professionals; as such, we do our very best to ensure no client of ours will be further harmed and, instead, will only be honored and uplifted by their wellness team members.

More recently, I had the opportunity to connect with Dr. Mina Boazak of Animo Sano Psychiatry, a psychiatrist in Durham, North Carolina. Animo Sano Psychiatry is a specialty practice focusing on the evaluation and management of adults and adolescents with ADHD. Dr. Boazak is incredibly knowledgeable about treating adults and adolescents with ADHD, and his mission is to be a best-in-class provider of high-quality and accessible ADHD care. Animo Sano Psychiatry shares a vision to become a one-stop shop for all things ADHD.

During our meeting, Dr. Boazak and I had a chance to talk a bit more about that vision, and how we could partner in offering additional therapeutic support to some of Dr. Boazak’s clients managing ADHD and related symptoms, who might benefit from a skills-based, empirically-supported therapeutic support group. And just like that, our Mindful Awareness for ADHD Adult Virtual therapeutic support group was born!

During our 8 week virtual support group for ADHD, clients will gather together in a space where they feel supported, included, and understood by others navigating the challenges of ADHD, while learning strategies grounded in dialectical behavior therapy, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral therapy to reduce feelings of overwhelm and calm feelings of chaos, Our virtual support group for ADHD will assist clients in increasing self-understanding and self-compassion, improving daily self-care, and learning to set reasonable expectations for themselves. Led by Be BOLD Psychology and Consulting’s own Briana Garcia, LCSWA (she/her), our goal is for clients to finish the 8 weeks feeling more confident about their abilities to create an environment for success, learn tools to avoid procrastination and get things done, and feel more compassionate and mindful towards themselves. We want clients to walk away each session feeling as though they were fully supported, educated, and with tangible strategies to utilize in creating greater ease in their lives.

“Wow! That sounds great! How do I register?” I am glad you asked. New and current clients can reach out to our practice manager, Karson, via email at or via text at 919-525-1873. Karson will set you up for a 30-minute intake with Briana, where you will discuss your goals for the group and ask any questions you may have. You will complete intake paperwork via our fully virtual client portal (no printing, signing, scanning here!), pay the intake fee ($100) and first week’s deposit ($50), and your Zoom link will be delivered to your email!

Additional information can be found here:

Maybe you are thinking, “Yes! An ADHD skills group is just what I am looking for! But what about evaluation and medication management for ADHD? Can you prescribe me medication?” Thanks for asking! While we do not have any medication prescribers on staff at Be BOLD, this goes back to our commitment to network with and partner with local wellness providers, who have a passion for working collaboratively with a client’s entire treatment team. That is why we are so excited to be connected to Dr. Boazak and his team at Animo Sans Psychiatry. His commitment to the holistic wellness of his clients is a place we greatly align, and we would not hesitate to recommend a client to Dr. Boazak and his team!

Want to learn a little more about Animo Sans? We did too! So we asked them a few questions, check out their answers below!

Be BOLD Psych NC: Who do you love working with?

Dr. Boazak: As a behavioral health organization we work with patients of all walks of life and needs and particularly specialize in working with clients with ADHD. It brings us no greater please than to participate in our patients journey of moving towards better and we would love to have you experience the unique Animo Sano care process.

Be BOLD Psych NC: How did you get into the field/why did you start your practice?

Dr. Boazak: Our team is growing and each of us have our own unique reasons for what brought us to the behavioral health specialty. What we share in common is a recognition that the behavioral health encounter is an intimate experience, and presents an opportunity to support change, that exists in few other settings.

Be BOLD Psych NC: What is something unique about your practice?

Dr. Boazak: From the moment your visit starts to the moment it ends we do everything in our power to make sure you feel heard. We recognize that behavioral health patients often experience stigma even in behavioral health care settings and we find that creating the space in session for patients to speak and be listened to can have an enormous difference on outcomes.

Be BOLD Psych NC: How can people get in touch with you?

Dr. Boazak: You can call us (919-391-7202), email us (, or visit our website ( to learn more.


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