EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT! I just wanted to spread the word! We have a new clinician at Be BOLD Psychology and Consulting offering telehealth services to folx anywhere in NC! We offer free 20-minute consults which can be scheduled for email or self-scheduled here and have same and next day availability!

Anastasia Gand, Psy.D., is a forensically trained, LGBTQIA+ affirming postdoctoral fellow specializing in substance use/abuse, personality disorders, anger management, trauma, grief/loss, and life transitions. Dr. Gand is also able to complete a variety of testing/evaluation services, including:

  • Psychological/Psychodiagnostic evaluations – Looking for diagnostic clarity? Wondering if it is depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, an adjustment disorder, or something else? Have a lot of mental health and medical records and want to get a comprehensive assessment and understanding of the “whole picture? We can do that!
  • Adult ADHD assessments – Are you 18 and over and need an evaluation as a precursor to medication management, for work or school accommodations, or to just better understand what may be going on? We complete comprehensive adult ADHD assessments!

Probation, parole, or court-involved? Dr. Gand is a forensically trained clinician, and can complete:

  • Substance abuse evaluations – sometimes needed or required to fulfill court, probation, parole, or job-related requirements. For instance, some employers require a substance use evaluation as part of a remediation plan in allowing an employee to return to work.
  • Court-ordered or court-involved evaluations – Do you need an evaluation to fulfill a court-related requirement? Are you involved in a high-conflict custody dispute and the court, guardian ad litem, or parenting coordinator is recommending a mental health evaluation for one or more parents? We complete comprehensive mental health evaluations to fulfill requirements for a variety of court orders. These evaluations can usually be completed mostly virtually, so send an email and see if we are a good fit for you?

Who is Dr. Anastasia Gand? Here are a few fun facts to get to know our newest provider!

Favorite color: Blue 

What do you like to do? I enjoy being outside, in the sun, and especially during the fall as the weather starts to cool down. 

Favorite foods or recipes? When I have time to cook, I enjoy trying new, vegetarian recipes!

What do you do in your free time? I like to spend my free time traveling to new cities and during the pandemic, I spent a lot of my free time catching up on my reading list.

A little more about who I love to work with: I work with individual clients, families, couples, and provide relationship therapy. I primarily work with young adults and adults; however, I also work well with adolescents exploring various aspects of their identity. My clients’ identities are diverse and I enjoy working with them to explore aspects of themselves in a safe and affirming environment. 

My “big three” therapeutic focus areas include:

  • Personality Disorders: Working towards adaptive responses to life stressors is not always easy, and it is especially hard following a lifetime of responding in a rigid, or inflexible manner. Oftentimes, folx experiencing intense, or overwhelming emotions have developed maladaptive coping strategies in an attempt to obtain relief from these difficulties, and it is scary to take a step away from what was once comfortable. As we work together to effectively navigate these concerns, we will identify alternative responses to progress the client individually and within relationships with others. 
  • Trauma-focused therapy. Those experiences that have continued to surface in your life as memories, or manifested somatically, such as headaches and stomach pain, do not vanish on their own. Courageous attempts to resolve these experiences do not have to be made alone. I am here to process these experiences with you. Through evidence-based practices, we will work together to resolve the distressing effects related to traumatic experiences. 
  • Substance use/addictions services As human beings are varied and do not often share the same background, so too are their patterns of addiction. Through an individualized and collaborative approach, we will work together to identify which maladaptive patterns of addiction are getting in the way of leading a fulfilling life. In establishing adaptive patterns, we can work towards continued and lasting growth. 

Accepting New Clients?: Yes, individual, relationship, and family therapy as well as forensic and psychological evaluations. 

Days/Times Available: Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm

Telehealth/in-person: Telehealth only (within North Carolina) with limited in-person for testing only

Specialty areas: Emotion regulation, anger management, trauma, substance use/addictions, relationship stressors and communication. 

Email: drgand@beboldpsychnc.com to schedule your free consult or request an appointment here

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