Counseling for Chronic Pain

You are in pain. You hurt. Maybe you are depressed, angry, or anxious, and you do not know what else to do.? Are you working with a medical provider, but not experiencing the relief you are hoping for? If you have had a hard time finding compassionate, effective, quality care, you are not alone. Let our specialists help.

 Psychological pain is a big part of living with chronic pain, and can include anxiety about current and potential discomfort, trouble sleeping, depression, suicidal thoughts, and grief This is normal. And, there is support for these thoughts and emotions.

More research is connecting the emotional aspects of pain to pain response and treatment outcomes. Psychotherapy can help you work through the negative thoughts that often come with chronic pain and boost your pain-relief plan.

 Psychotherapy Should Be Part of Any Pain Management Plan.

We know that being is constant pain can be depressing, so a certain level of depression, anger, anxiety, and other emotions are expected. However, sometimes these emotions rise to a level that could benefit from additional treatment. This could be additional resources, psychotherapy, or medications. A mental health clinician can help connect clients to, and in some cases provide, those services. We will also collaborate with your current treatment team to ensure quality, continuity of care that addresses the physical and emotional aspects of your pain, together.

Behavioral strategies, such as activity pacing, mindfulness, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, goal-setting, and exposure to avoided activities are all treatment options a mental health clinician can provide. We can also help you recognize and, if needed, challenge unhelpful cognitions that are keeping you “stuck.” More than anything, we can offer you space, to use in whatever way is most helpful to you.

Let us provide you a space for relief. The team at Be BOLD Psychology and consulting specializes in working with clients diagnosed with chronic pain, and offers free 20-minute consults! Reach out today, we can’t wait to meet you.