Counseling for Chronic Illness

Chronic illness and chronic pain can be related, but can also be completely separate events. Both include long-lasting symptoms or diagnosis and can last from months to years to the rest of your life.

Chronic conditions are the leading cause for disability and death in the U.S.

Conditions like heart disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, asthma, HIV/AIDS, COPD, sickle cell disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and Lyme’s disease are all types of chronic illnesses with varying symptoms.

Aside from the physical complications of chronic illness, which may prevent you from participating in activities you once enjoyed, being diagnosed with a chronic illness can have a significant effect on your mental health.

Perhaps you are experiencing shock, fear, anxiety, or other emotions? Maybe you are feeling nothing, and wondering if that is normal? Likely this diagnosis presents challenges and adjustments, such as new routines to manage your care? 

It is no wonder, then, that Having a chronic illness can put you at higher risk for depression. Additionally, various chronic illnesses may also impact one’s attention and concentration, executive functioning, memory, ability to plan and organize behavior, language abilities, and visual-spatial skills.

To better manage the emotional stressors associated with being diagnosed with a chronic illness, consider speaking with a mental health professional/ therapist. Mental health clinicians can assist clients struggling with some aspects of the above. The team at Be BOLD Psychology and consulting specializes in working with clients diagnosed with chronic illness, and offers free 20-minute consults! Our team is trained to help you process adjustment issues relating to your diagnosis, treat symptoms of anxiety and depression in addition to teaching skills to improve sleep quality, assist with skill-building relating to attention and concentration, and make treatment recommendations to maximize your strengths.

Let us offer you support, provide a space to process various stressors and emotions, better understand what this diagnosis means, and move forward with your life. Reach out today for your free 20-minute consult, we can’t wait to meet you.