• About Be BOLD

    From the Owner: What’s in a Name?

    I know you have places to go and people (maybe even one of us?) to see, so let me give you the short of the long:

    I wanted a word, or words, that started with a B. I’ve always liked alliterations (being named Brittany Bate, and all). That was my jumping off point. Not super earth-shattering, I know. But it IS real. I like to keep it real – that’s something important to know about me and my style.

    I have said for so long that change is really hard, and really scary. Because of this, I believe everyone who comes to see me has at least one thing in common – they are brave, even if they do not know, or feel, it yet. But I think there is a deeper layer to bravery that I hope to bring out of my clients.

    BOLDNESS. I want you to go beyond and through brave, and be bold. Be BOLD in your pursuit of happiness. Be BOLD in your journey to live your most authentic life. Be BOLD in building the life you deserve, as the person you truly are. Be BOLD in confronting your past trauma(s). And be BOLD enough to face your addictions head on, with my help of course. I want you to be BOLD, but you do not have to be BOLD alone.

    For me, being BOLD is personal. Making the decision to pursue my solo private practice required me to be both brave and bold. To take the proverbially leap of faith in the pursuit of what I knew I wanted. After all, like Robert Frost said, Freedom lies in being bold.

    Our practice specializes in providing individual, couples/relationship, family, and group therapy, as well as comprehensive forensic and psychological evaluation services. We also offer pro-bono and “pay-what-you-can” letters for gender affirming procedures. Certain providers are able to provide services to clients in up to 26 states. We primarily specialize in the following:

    Let us help you find your freedom. Let’s take your leap, together. Contact our team for a free 20-minute phone or video consultation. We would love the chance to get to know you and answer any questions you have about our clinicians, in a no-pressure atmosphere, and see which one of our excellent clinicians could be the best fit for you!

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