If you’ve recently gone through a particularly challenging time in life, moving forward can feel daunting. Tackling a new chapter can seem exhausting and anxiety-provoking. With so much that is now different than it used to be, there isn’t always a clear path forward. Thankfully, there are numerous techniques that you can use to re-enter everyday life with a strong resolve to make this upcoming stage in life one that is incredibly fulfilling.

Be Bold Psychology & Consulting shares five tips for taking on your next chapter with confidence and happiness.

Learn to be kind to yourself

Almost everyone is harder on themselves than anyone else could ever be. How many times do you internally scold yourself for your mistakes, for your appearance, or for anything else that doesn’t meet your strict standards? Many individuals learn to be overly self-critical from the negative influences they’ve had in their lives. Teachers, parents, bullies, and even those you considered to be friends often say harsh and untrue things that can stick with us for a lifetime.

Make it your mission to unlearn this damaging habit of critical self-talk, and instead learn how to be kind to yourself. Accept that no one — including yourself — is perfect. This means that you will inevitably make mistakes. Rather than silently beating up on yourself when you either make a mistake or perceive an imperfection, show yourself grace and love. Changing the way you talk to yourself is a powerful way to build an unshakable sense of confidence and strength.

Expand your knowledge

Considering a career change in this new chapter of your life? If you plan to start making big changes, you can improve your career prospects by going back to school. If business is your passion, earning an online business degree could be the right decision. Pursuing a degree like this will not only expand your knowledge, but it will also help you build your real-world skills. Whether you choose to major in marketing, management and leadership, or another area of expertise, growing your knowledge and experience can do wonders.

Express yourself authentically

Holding back your authentic self in any way prevents you from fully developing your self-confidence. Habits such as dressing in clothes that meet the expectations of others, working in a job to impress someone, or holding back your opinions are often done out of fear. The desire to be accepted can override our desire to be who we really are.

What many people never realize is that they are changing themselves to impress highly critical individuals who — in reality — will never give you their full acceptance. Rather than trying to gain the acceptance of select individuals, express yourself authentically. You are worthy the way that you are, and will be loved by those who truly matter.

Develop a solid self-care routine

Self-care is a term that is often thrown around without proper definition. Genuine self-care involves activities that are healthy, restorative, and replenishing. Having a solid self-care routine is a key component of nourishing both your physical and mental health.

What are some of the best activities that you can choose for your self-care routine? While you should select ones that fit your individual needs and preferences (there is no one-size-fits all approach), top ideas include regularly going to therapy, meditation, massage, hiking in nature, journaling, deep breathing, running, and napping.

Lean on your support system

Despite whatever you’ve been told, people cannot function properly in a silo. A healthy and fulfilling life requires regular contact with people who you’d consider as part of your “support system.” Keeping close with a core group of individuals allows you to share life experiences — both positive and negative — and to grow in your journey.

No matter what you’ve gone through, better days will return. If you’ve been struggling with a particular issue — such as grief or trauma — making an appointment with us at Be Bold Psychology & Consulting is another important part of supporting your overall well-being.

Be Bold Psychology & Consulting provides inclusive therapy services, with specialties in trauma, grief, gender therapy services, and substance use/addiction disorders. Request your appointment today.

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